Lobster of the month

What is Lobster of the Month?

Every month Lobster Ink awards the coveted title of Lobster of the Month to the top performing Lobster worldwide. How do you become the Lobster of the Month? To achieve the title of Lobster of the Month you will need to complete the most subjects and have the highest average score across all the assessments you have taken in that month. This takes a lot of dedication and determination but we believe in you!


This Month's Lobster of the Month

Rumesh Ediriweera

Jumeirah Abu Dhabi
250 subjects

Congratulations to Rumesh Ediriweera

A round of a-claws for our Lobster of the Month - Rumesh Ediriweera from Colombo, Sri Lanka. Rumesh works at Jumeirah Etihad Towers Hotel’s front office in Abu Dhabi, and completed a staggering 250 subjects while achieving the highest average score of 98.37%.

Live Leaderboard

  • 186 subjects
    Romany Latef
  • 156 subjects
    Ram Sundar Chaulagain
  • 153 subjects
    Suleiman Ayansola
  • 86 subjects
    Happy Ni

Hall of Fame

A hearty round of a-claws to all our previous winners


  • How do I take an assessment?

    Navigate to your home page and select the ‘Next Assessment’ button. Select the ‘Start Assessment’ button. Select the correct answer from the drop down boxes or from the options available. When you have answered all of the questions, select the ‘I’m Finished’ button.

  • How do I check my progress?

    When on your Learner Portal, click on the graph icon. Here you will be able to see how many theory and practical assessments you have completed for a particular course

  • How do I review an assessment?

    Once you’ve written an assessment and have submitted your answers, a results box will appear. Select the ‘Review Assessment’ button to see your answers. After you’ve clicked on ‘Review Assessment’, you will be able to see which questions you got right and which ones you got wrong. When you select a question number you will be taken directly to your answer.

  • How do I work out who are my top performers?

    On your admin portal you can download your top performers report. This shows a ranked list of the top performing learners. For each learner, their achievements for the given time period will be shown for the following data: - Ranking - Assessments Written - Subjects Progressed - Average Score - Pass Rate

  • How do I track the overall performance of my establishment?

    On your admin portal you can download a report that tracks course progression. In this report you can see the number of courses that a particular establishment, department or outlet have completed in the given date range. The number of subjects which the learners in that establishment, department or outlet have successfully passed, thereby enabling them to progress through their course, and finally

  • Am I able to see the number of medals the learners at my establishment have received?

    For monitoring and reporting on Learner achievements in terms of earned medals, the administrator portal offers you the possibility of drawing detailed reports on different levels. You are able to view monthly totals for your establishment or zoom into a preferred period of time. The system also shows you development on establishment and departmental level, as a percentage of assessments taken, and per individual Learner.