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November 12, 2015

3 Sales techniques your guests want you to know

We’ve all been in that situation…
When someone tries to sell you something you don’t need and don’t want.
Being a good salesperson requires a very specific set of skills and a little finesse.

So today, we’ll be discussing selling and up-selling techniques.

To be the best salesperson you can be, you need to remember three very important things:

  1. Know your Guest
  2. Know your product
  3. Add value

Know your Guest

In our experience, one of the biggest mistakes sales people make, is they talk too much!

Either they are nervous or so focused on selling their product, they forget they are selling to another human being.

You may ask, if I don’t speak, how do I sell my product?

Well the answer to that is fairly simple!

When you do talk and it should only be about 20% of the time, you should spend half of that time asking questions. Try and find out what your Guest needs. When you understand what they want, you will be in a better position to recommend products that satisfy their needs.

Know your product
You need to understand the benefits of your product. Spend time considering how you would recommend it.

What situation would this product be the answer to a Guest’s needs?

Once you know all there is to know about your product, you should think about the other products you offer and how they complement your main offering. If you have taken the time to do this, up-selling and cross-selling becomes that much easier.

Add value
'Would you like fries with that?'

In the sales industry a lot of successful sales professionals frequently talk about the McDonald’s sales strategy. McDonald’s entire sales model is centered around the up-sell and cross-sell, like offering fries with every meal, but most importantly their recommendations add value.

Of course fries always make your McDonald’s meal so much better!

You need to leave a Guest feeling like the suggestions you make add value to their original purchase. So don’t just up-sell for the sake of profit or getting rid of unwanted inventory. Guest’s will see right through this tactic. For each up-sell, have your selling points prepared. If you are trying to sell a more expensive product than the one your Guest requested, you need to be able to explain your recommendation immediately and with confidence.

One more important tip before we go:

Remember to close your first sale before you suggest a second. It seems simple but a lot of salespeople forget this essential part of sales.

You can learn all about these important sales techniques and more in our Sales Professional Course.

Paul Rowett
Paul Rowett
Chief Operations Officer at Lobster Ink