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August 25, 2016

Engaged Guests are More Likely to Return

Local Measure a market leading customer intelligence platform for hotels recently released results from a study it conducted with over 16 months worth of data at 75 hotels. The aim of the study was to assess the impact of during stay engagement with guests over social media on their loyalty and repeat visitation.

"The study clearly demonstrated the positive impact on repeat visitation for innovative hoteliers who used our platform to connect with their guests" said Local Measure CEO, Jonathan Barouch. "There is so much competition from OTAs through to your competitors' loyalty programs all trying to convince your customers to book via their channels. However, from the moment a guest walks through your doors until the moment they checkout you own the experience and have the ability to really drive genuine loyalty" he added.

The study focused on hotels in the APAC region and demonstrated that the return rate for guests who were engaged during the stay by the hotel were up to 40% more likely to return to that hotel or brand.

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