James Medcalf
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May 18, 2018

Hotel of the Month April 2018

Well done to Jumeirah at Etihad Towers who have come out on top and won April’s Hotel of the Month. They completed 1163 subjects with an average score of 96%- Congratulations!

Prepare your team for success in learning by implementing some of our key tips below, because when your team receives purposeful skills that add value to their job roles your establishment will begin to see benefits too.

Get your learners motivated and actively participating in learning:

  • Set deadlines: Learners that have deadlines have more structure and can easily work towards a goal.
  • Recognize achievement: Inspire your team to continue their learning journey by recognizing their achievements. Mention their efforts in a team meeting or show it off back of house to promote a healthy competition.
  • Celebrate completion: Get your team together and hand out their completion certificates in an award-style ceremony.

Learning and working can be a challenge and showing your support will encourage your team to stay motivated and focused on the end result.

James Medcalf
James Medcalf
Marketing Programme Manager