James Medcalf
James Medcalf in Awards
September 18, 2018

Hotel of the Month August 2018

A commitment to clear and consistent communication in hospitality is invaluable. Good communication, amongst other things, is the first crucial step in ensuring Guests’ needs are met and team members are aligned on the tasks at hand.

Within the L&D space, effective communication focusing on the ‘why’ behind workplace learning is important to gain traction amongst your teams.

At our Hotel of the Month, Radisson Blu Anchorage Hotel, Lagos, V.I., it’s important for teams to know that learning is just as beneficial to them as individuals, as it is to the organization.

“We ensure that the purpose of the training and expectations thereof are clearly communicated to our team members so they can prepare adequately,” says Training and Development Manager, Helen Oyeyi. “Team members are also expected to give feedback on their training and to share their knowledge with their colleagues,” she adds.

Peer learning offers different perspectives on a subject matter and helps learners evaluate their own learning and understanding of a subject. Empowering team members to engage in knowledge sharing is important when establishing and driving a culture of learning at an establishment.

Ongoing training and development plays a significant role in the growth of any business and, according to Helen, continual training helps their team meet the expectations of their Guests. “The industry is dynamic and ever-changing and professionals need to keep up with current trends if we are to deliver the kind of results expected from us by our customers.”

Helen also added that when team members engage in training, their capacity to deliver results increases. A well-deserved hat tip to Helen and the team for completing 2644 subjects with an average score of 83% during the month of August.

James Medcalf
James Medcalf
Marketing Programme Manager