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January 17, 2018

Hotel of the Month December 2017

Having the correct resources, such as time, a dedicated space for learning and a training platform that responds to the demands of students, can ensure tremendous success in learning.

General Manager of Hilton Salalah, Mehdi Othmani suggests that having the right people to drive learning can amount to an even greater return on learning.

“The right trainer, with the right attitude, the right personality and the right skills are of paramount importance. It is crucial that the person delivering or conducting the learning process is self-motivated. If this is not the case, learning may be compromised,” says Othmani.

He also added that it’s smart to have the learning leader come from the same background of the topic he or she is guiding the learners on.

“A trainer with an F&B background has much higher success engaging with learners than a trainer with a finance, sales or media background.” Although this synergy might not always be possible, Othmani stressed that it’s important to have a supervisor of each department fully involved with the L&D Manager.

In business, the notion of ‘performance’ has always been driven by the goal of completing a certain amount of tasks, or to reach a certain outcome. However, and to Othmani’s point, we should consider the best possible way to get things done. And in training your team, it’s more than just completing a certain amount of courses, it’s getting the right people and mentorship to lead your team to do so.

Now that’s real performance.

Hilton Salalah in Oman was Lobster Ink’s Hotel of the Month December 2017.

James Medcalf
James Medcalf
Marketing Programme Manager