James Medcalf
James Medcalf in Awards
August 30, 2018

Hotel of the Month June 2018

Newton’s third law tells us that for every action, there’s an opposite and equal reaction. However, when it comes to the act of learning, we believe the reaction is far greater than the initial effort.

Hilton Garden Inn Lusaka Society Business Park, our Hotel of the Month for June, is an excellent example of how Learning and Development can result in a confident, knowledgeable team that, in turn, delivers exceptional Guest service.

Team Members at Hilton Garden Inn Lusaka Society Business Park completed an average of 35 subjects per learner during the month of June.

Margot Billiouw, Training Coordinator at Hilton Garden Inn Lusaka, says that her Team Members are eager to learn because they see opportunity in what they are learning. They’re also aware of the impact knowledge can have on their careers. “Very few of our Team Members have ever received formal training, let alone have experience in world-class hospitality. It is extremely exciting for them to get the opportunity to learn things that are of a higher standard, allowing them to aim higher in their professions.”

Continual training also keeps hospitality teams aligned to the standards that need to be adhered to. Billiouw agrees. “We work in a very high-paced work environment. This forces us to sometimes cut corners or fall into old habits. Continual training reminds us of the hotel's standards and best practice. It also helps Team Members understand the importance of following the proper procedure and the consequences it has for a business as a whole.”

Having a knowledgeable, confident team that follows best practice and honors your establishment’s service standards, will also inspire loyalty amongst Guests. Billiouw added that training resulted in her team being confident in their role as well as the brand. “Our guests definitely notice this as soon as they are attended to and it encourages them to come back."

Congratulations to Margot Billiouw and every Team Member at Hilton Garden Inn Lusaka Society Business Park. Your dedication and approach to L&D—and how learning can affect more than just the learner—is an inspiration to our team, and we hope to see you again on our list of top-achieving establishments!

James Medcalf
James Medcalf
Marketing Programme Manager