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April 11, 2018

Hotel of the Month March 2018

The next generation of employees want more than just good pay and pension plans. They are seeking authenticity in the workplace and the ability to progress their careers.

The learning and development team at Leela Palace, Bengaluru provide their colleagues with the tools they need, in the form of a dedicated learning space known as the Leela Library Bar. They believe learning will help them attract and grow the next generation of leaders. It’s a great strategy that’s resulted in their winning of our March Hotel of the Month award with, 2178 completed subjects and an average score of 71 % - Well done!

So, what can you do to attract and keep the next generation? According to The Young Hoteliers Summit 2018 report, here are some of the most important job characteristics for 2018:

  • Career progression - the ability to grow within the company  
  • Training and development - to learn new skills or master existing skills
  • Empowerment and responsibility - to earn enough trust to work independently
  • Company culture - an environment that is aligned to their values

Start the learning journey today and ensure you have the right qualities for the future.

James Medcalf
James Medcalf
Marketing Programme Manager