James Medcalf
James Medcalf
January 04, 2019

Hotel of the Month October 2018

Congratulations to our Hotel of the Month for October, Shanghai Marriott Hotel City Centre. During the month of October, associates completed 1 061 subjects with an average score of 70% - well done!

Best practice principles for effective workplace learning
Support your learners by trying some of these best practice initiatives and we could soon be seeing your establishment’s name on our list of top-achievers.

Explain the ‘why’ behind the task
Team members need to know why training is important. “Because it’s mandated” is not a strong enough motivation for learners to realize the intrinsic value of workplace learning. Focus on the career benefits associated with learning and remind team members of the personal growth to be gained.

Learn. Apply. Revisit.
Having team members apply what they’ve learned in an environment where they can be coached and commended reinforces the outcomes learned. In many cases, learners will experience the ‘why’ behind the how when applying their newfound knowledge firsthand.

That's why we cannot stress the importance of practical assessments enough. Practical assessments test a learner’s comprehension of a subject and enable them to demonstrate their new skills and validate their readiness.

Tip - Pressed for time? Ask star learners to facilitate practical assessments with their fellow team members. This is a great confidence-building exercise as the learner’s efforts are actively recognized.

Open the floor
Facilitate knowledge sharing sessions where learners share their insights and understanding of a subject with their fellow team members. Regular sessions will keep learning outcomes top of mind until they become an organic part of the learner’s daily output.

Give a high-five
Providing feedback and recognizing learner efforts are invaluable. Frequent feedback opens up communication between leaders and learners and recognition boosts learner confidence, cultivating a positive attitude to learning.


James Medcalf
James Medcalf
Marketing Programme Manager