Samantha Wolhuter
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July 21, 2016

How to Download your Certificates

One of the new and exciting features on your learner portal is that you can now download your own certificates immediately after completing both your theoretical and practical assessments of your courses. Today, let’s take a look at 5 tips to ensure that you receive your accredited certificates.

5 Checkpoints to determine whether you receive your certificates:

All your theoretical assessments have been completed.

  • Your practical assessment(s) are complete, if your course has a practical component.
  • You’ve informed your manager that you’ve completed your course.
  • You’ve set up a time with your manager to conduct your practical assessment(s).
  • You are sure that your manager has uploaded your practical marks.

Once your manager has uploaded your practical marks, follow these 2 quick steps to download your certificate.

2 Quick steps to download your certificates:

Step 1
Click on the “Completed Courses” hyperlink on your learner portal.

Step 2
Click on the certificate icon next to the documents icon, below the course title, and simply download your certificate.
This new feature allows you to instantly be rewarded with your accredited certificate!

Keep learning and smiling, and remember - the world is your Lobster.

Samantha Wolhuter
Samantha Wolhuter
Director, Marketing Content and Creative at Lobster Ink