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August 18, 2016

Increasing cash rewards with suggestive selling and active listening

Did you know that a large majority of guests don’t know what they want to order before they arrive at your establishment? The statistics say anything from 60 to 70% of diners only have an inkling of what they may order.

This is an opportunity for you!

We have spoken about the importance of product knowledge and using the correct suggestive selling techniques. In this blog we are going to discuss the importance of active listening when trying to make that extra sale.

Active listening is an important ingredient in the suggestive selling mix. Doing it correctly will almost certainly increase your sales and in turn your personal cash rewards.

What is active listening?

Active listening means exactly what it sounds like - it is actively paying attention to exactly what your guest says. It is a skill that requires a lot of practice.

It involves using both verbal and nonverbal cues to make sure your guest feels heard and understood.

You should always maintain eye contact with your guest and reaffirm that you are listening carefully to what they say by nodding to confirm that you understand what has been asked for.

The next important factor of active listening is repetition.

Once your guest has explained what they are looking for, repeat their order or request to ensure that you are clear of what is expected. This also gives your guest the opportunity to correct anything you may have misheard.

Reading your guest is an exceptionally important element of suggestive selling and by practicing active listening you will be more likely to make suggestions that add value for your guest. Active listening also makes your guest feel important and appreciated.

A guest who feels appreciated will not only return to your establishment but also tell their friends about the great service they received when they visited. All you need to do to learn more about active listening and reading your guest is complete the IHG® Suggestive Selling course
Practice active listening every chance you get and become one of those colleagues that guests remember and ask for specifically.

Paul Rowett
Paul Rowett
Chief Operations Officer at Lobster Ink