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October 13, 2016

Inspiring minds after-hours

Our people are the heartbeat of Lobster Ink. Their thoughts, ideas and unique perspectives are the driving force behind this company. What excites us the most about our Lobsters, is when we hear about their involvement in exciting side projects that happen after 5.

Lobster Ink’s Director of Content and Creative, Samantha Wolhuter, heads up the Audience Portfolio division of TEDxCapeTown.

TEDx are local, self-organized events that celebrate the power of ideas in true TED style. Samantha’s team manages the full audience experience for TEDxCapeTown events, from registration to ticketing and post-event follow-ups.  

“Being involved in a project that’s all about inspiring people is a very rewarding experience.”

The theme for this year’s event is built on the concept of perspective and broadening one’s perspective by stepping into someone else’s shoes.

“But to fully understand someone’s else’s point of view, you need to be present. I think our theme of ‘Here/Hear to Listen’ communicates this thought beautifully.”

For more information about TEDxCapeTown and the speakers at this year’s event, click here.

Fasie Malherbe
Fasie Malherbe
President & Co-founder at Lobster Ink