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May 21, 2016

International World Whisky Day

May 21st 2016 is International World Whisky Day and we're showing our appreciation for this popular golden drink.

A Day of Whisky Celebration
International World Whisky Day invites whisky-lovers across the globe to enjoy whisk(e)y the way they want to. All whisk(e)ys are celebrated and there is no right or wrong way to serve or drink them. According to International World Whisky Day founder, Blair Bowman, ‘World Whisky Day is all about making whisky fun and enjoyable.'

Some Facts About Whisky

  • Although its origins are still unclear, it is believed that whisky could have been introduced to Scotland by Christian missionaries a few hundred years ago.
  • Whisky exports earn the Scottish government an astounding £125 every second.
  • Laid end-to-end, the 99 million cases of Scotch exported each year would run the distance between Edinburgh and New York – six times.
  • Single malt whisky is not the product of one cask. In fact, it is the product of a single distillery and may actually come from several casks therein.
  • Scotch whisky can only be called Scotch whisky when it has been left for a minimum of three years to age in casks, in Scotland. Some casks hold whisky for more time than this though.

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Harry Haddon
Harry Haddon
VP of Global Learning at Lobster Ink