Maarten Dirks
Maarten Dirks in Motivation
August 25, 2015

Keeping in touch with you

The ‘Messages’ icon on your Learner Portal help us to communicate important information to you. These messages could range from a congratulations for completing a level, to announcing important things like Site downtime in the case of maintenance.

Let take a quick look at how you can access your messages and maintain your inbox.  

From your Learner Portal, click on the ‘Messages’ icon, as indicated below. A pink number next to the icon means you have unread messages that need your attention.

Here you will find private messages sent to you by the Lobster Ink team. To read a message, go ahead and click on it.

When you’ve finished reading the message, select the ‘Back To Inbox’ button to return to your message inbox.

To delete a message, simply click on the ‘cross’ next to the message you want to delete, as indicated below.

Try get into the habit of checking your inbox regularly – it’s the only way to ensure you never miss out on any important information!

Maarten Dirks
Maarten Dirks
Global Head of Learning at Lobster Ink