Harry Haddon
Harry Haddon in Tips and How to's
October 28, 2015

Learn by Landscape - The world is your Lobster

Today we’re letting you in on some tips to help you switch up your study routine and remember content for longer. According to numerous studies, changing where you study from time to time could actually help you retain more information by making positive associations between what you are studying and your environment at the time.

Taking a walk in the park? You can take advantage of Lobster Ink’s mobile accessibility and learn on-the-go. Using your tablet or smartphone, you can learn while sitting in the garden or while enjoying a coffee at your favourite coffee shop. Aside from helping you develop positive associations with the learning material, this will also save you time.

Learning with Lobster Ink is not limited to your internet connection either. You can transform a dull bus journey or free time between shifts into an informative session by going through course manuals and revising your study notes.

Take learning out of the classroom and spend some time with Lobster Ink in exciting spaces, and see what you are able to remember. Don’t forget to let us know where you learn best with Lobster Ink by leaving your comments below!

Harry Haddon
Harry Haddon
VP of Global Learning at Lobster Ink