Dale den Dulk
Dale den Dulk in Lobster News
March 03, 2016

Lobster Ink is Global

The Lobster village is global. In February 2016, Lobster Ink had thousands active learners of more than 80 nationalities spread across 120 countries, making it one of the biggest online hospitality learning communities in the world.

More connectivity

In February 2016 we launched our social media channels. Since then, Lobster Ink users from more than 4300 establishments have been able to share their experiences and expertise with over 4100 of their fellow learners across seven social media platforms – a number which continues to grow daily. These platforms have also helped us to share interactive material that is useful, entertaining, and relevant to the Lobster learning experience.

Increased accessibility

We can now respond to our learners’ feedback with engaging content that makes your overall learning experience more user friendly. This can be seen in our Frequently Asked Questions campaign which shares step-by-step, how-to images to help you navigate the Lobster Ink learner portals more easily. This is part of our mission to make Lobster Ink a platform that responds directly to your needs.

An online family

We want you to experience the benefits of a global support system. Social media has made us a lot closer, allowing us to communicate and make friends with people around the world. When combined with the Lobster Ink platform, engaging on social media can help you develop and grow by communicating with other people who share your experiences.

Let us know why you think it is important to stay connected through Lobster’s online village in the comments section below, or start a conversation on one of the following social media platforms using the hashtag #lobsterink.

Dale den Dulk
Dale den Dulk
CEO at Lobster International