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September 30, 2016

Lobster Ink Represented at TechDay 2016 in Amsterdam

Two of our senior Lobster Ink engineers, Camiel Eggermont and Andries Coetzee, have been invited to discuss Dynamic APIs with GraphQL during their speaker slot at the Microsoft TechDay 2016 conference in Amsterdam on 4 October.

TechDays is a prestigious annual Microsoft Developers Conference where industry leading developers and tech professionals from across the globe are invited to share and discuss the latest tech trends and innovations shaping global businesses. This year the conference will be held at RAI Amsterdam and boasts a number of high level Microsoft keynote speakers, including Marianne Rolling (UK), General Manager Small Medium Solutions and Partners CEE, Microsoft.

Camiel and Andries will conduct an immersive and informative technical session focusing on GraphQL, a dynamic application programming interface (API) developed by Facebook, which is used in the latest Lobster Ink software.

Opting against the traditional REST services approach, Lobster Ink has built it’s new e-learning platform using GraphQL. This talk highlights the groundbreaking query language for APIs that GraphQL boasts which in essence has revolutionised the way the new Lobster Ink platform works.

If you are attending TechDays 2016 then be sure to catch Camiel and Andries’ talk to learn more about Lobster Ink using good code for good.


Matthew de Nobrega
Matthew de Nobrega
Product Owner & Front-end Lead at Lobster Ink