Clelland Kruger
Clelland Kruger in Motivation
August 25, 2016

Motivating your Team

Do you want to help get the most out of your team? Motivating each other is a positive way to inspire success. This week, we're sharing our top tips on how you can help encourage your fellow team members to achieve their goals and become the best that they can be.

The first step in motivating your teammates is finding out what the team’s current achievements and challenges are. So listen up and hear what everyone has to say.

Ask Questions
Get to the bottom of their goals by asking open-ended questions such as ‘what do you want to achieve?’ and ‘how are you going to achieve it?’

Provide Constructive Feedback
Take time to give your team mates thorough and constructive feedback. This helps to praise your colleagues for a job well done and inspires them to become better at everything they do.

Finally, spend some time telling your team that you believe in them and that you trust their goals and their abilities.

Clelland Kruger
Clelland Kruger
Global Head of HR at Lobster Ink