Samantha Wolhuter
Samantha Wolhuter in Lobster News
February 05, 2016

Ready, Set, Connect

Lobster Ink is getting social. That's right, we have taken that extra step to connect and interact with Lobsters from every corner of the globe, one hashtag at a time.

With Lobster Ink’s social media platforms, you are encouraged to share your achievements, hospitality industry tips and experiences on a variety of online channels, while communicating with other learners from around the globe.

It’s all about community. We have created these channels as a way to reach out to all of our learners and create spaces where you can collectively share news, photos, videos, questions and insider tips with other learners.

When you make the decision to join the Lobster Ink social media scene, you are joining a network of like minded learners and creators who put self-improvement first and constantly look for new ways to inspire each other.

That’s right, we love to hear about your ideas and experiences and want you to reap of the benefits of collaborative and engaging learning, and social media is the perfect way to do it.

So why not tag, like, follow and share with us on any of the following platforms:

Let us know what you think about being a part of a global network on social media in the comments section below, or start a conversation on your favourite social media platform using the hashtag #lobsterink.

Samantha Wolhuter
Samantha Wolhuter
Director, Marketing Content and Creative at Lobster Ink