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November 25, 2015

Small Ways To Make a Big Difference

Tiny Noticeable Touches, pack a punch like no other. Going the extra mile for your Guests doesn’t just make your establishment look good, it also reflects positively on you.

There are so many things you can do to make your Guest feel extra special.

Whether it’s remembering how they like their steak prepared or bringing extra milk for their morning coffee before they have to ask for it, these small touches show your Guest that you are dedicated to making them feel like your establishment is their home away from home.

'Some of our favourite stories about tiny noticeable touches come from the Lobsters that work right here in our office.'

Lauren spent many years working as a waitress in the dining room at one of the most prestigious establishments in Cape Town, South Africa.

She would arrive a little early for her shift everyday and look at the reservations she had for that evening. Taking note of all her Guests’ names so she could greet them by name when they arrived. She would also visit front office and see if her Guests had special dietary requirements so she could make menu recommendations that would suit each Guest’s unique preferences.

Another great example of a Lobster who practiced Tiny Noticeable Touches everyday is Kate.

She started at Lobster Ink about two years ago, and before that she worked in reservations at a boutique hotel in Barcelona, Spain. When she started there she introduced the special preferences form, which she sent to Guests who had made a reservation. The form asked simple questions like dietary requirements but it also included other questions that allowed her to get to know her Guests better before they arrived.

The form asked questions like; the Guest’s reason for travel, who they would be travelling with, as well as things they liked to do and if there was anything that the hotel could pre-book for them before their arrival.

Armed with this information she was able to anticipate her Guest’s every need, from providing a snack that the Guest would enjoy upon arrival to having a full package left in their room with their itinerary for their stay. Including details of reservations made and where possible, she would include tickets for tours or activities she had booked on their behalf.

Both of these Lobsters said the best part of their job was seeing how happy these small little touches made their Guests.

Tiny noticeable touches are exactly that, small things that make a big difference. These are just two stories from our team but there are many other ways to put the idea of tiny noticeable touches into action.

Fasie Malherbe
Fasie Malherbe
President & Co-founder at Lobster Ink