Samantha Wolhuter
Samantha Wolhuter
August 18, 2016

Suggestive selling and how it benefits you

Learning how to implement the perfect suggestive sale is not just beneficial for your hotel it is also of great benefit to you as an individual.

We don’t just mean from a cash rewards perspective. There are also other benefits of learning how to employ your suggestive selling skills.

Increased product knowledge
In the first blog of the series we discussed the importance of understanding your product and how to sell it effectively. As a result of the effort you put into learning all the details of a specific product, you will become a product expert. This type of knowledge and experience is valuable to employers.

Better communication skills 
Communication is an integral part of any hotel and by developing your active listening skills you are improving your ability to communicate effectively. Not many people understand that listening is often more important than the ability to speak in the science of interpersonal communication.

Improved confidence
As guests respond positively to your suggestions you will become more confident. The more confident you feel the more motivated, relaxed, and focused you will be. All of these are attributes that managers look for in a colleague.

Greater self-motivation
Of course increasing your cash rewards is very important and to do this you need to be self-motivated. You are in control of how much you earn whether this is through earning tips or being successfully promoted. Suggestive selling skills will help you achieve better results but only if you put in the effort. Once you realise how beneficial suggestive selling is, self motivation becomes a piece of cake.

Samantha Wolhuter
Samantha Wolhuter
Director, Marketing Content and Creative at Lobster Ink