Paul Rowett
Paul Rowett in Tips and How to's
August 04, 2016

Suggestive selling

Suggestive selling is a sales technique that many successful salespeople make use of. It is the art of suggesting items that complement your guest’s initial request.

But, what does suggestive selling really entail?

The fundamental idea of suggestive selling is that it is a sales technique that puts your guest first. You need to read your guest, take time to discover what they need and then offer solutions that will satisfy those needs.

This means one of the most important elements of this technique is listening – hear exactly what your guest is asking for and most importantly take note of their expectations.

The second important element of this sales technique is understanding your product. You need to have enough in-depth knowledge about your product in order to recommend items that will add value to your guest’s stay at your hotel.

Whether you are suggesting a wine pairing with a guest’s meal or you are recommending other activities that might be available at your hotel, you need to be able to communicate the unique benefit this option would bring to your guest’s overall experience.

Learning this specialised sales technique will teach you the skills you need to provide beneficial recommendations that will ultimately improve your guest’s experience at your Hotel.

Paul Rowett
Paul Rowett
Chief Operations Officer at Lobster Ink