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August 18, 2016

The importance of return guests

In the previous blogs we looked at various techniques to make a successful suggestive sale. This week we will be looking at how to generate return guests, using the art of suggestive selling.

It is important to remember that suggestive selling is not just about making a once off sale, more importantly it is about developing repeat business.

The big question is: What do you need to do to ensure return visits?

Treat every guest like a VIP
On a weekly basis we have emphasized the need to get to know your guests. Remembering their names and what their favourite meals and drinks is just the tip of the iceberg.

Share information about your upcoming specials, events and exclusive activities at your hotel. This makes them feel like they are given special attention and are getting this inside information before anyone else. Going that extra mile is what brings a guest coming back every time.

Appreciate your guests
Make an extra effort when your guests are celebrating a special occasion. If it’s their birthday give them a complimentary dessert or on an anniversary give them a glass of Champagne, so they know their special day is important to you as well.

Often having the chef or the manager stop by a guest’s table to see how they have enjoyed their meal can also make them feel valued.

When they leave give them a heartfelt thank you for choosing your establishment.

Provide excellent service
This may seem very obvious but it is really the key thing that brings a guest coming back. This means dealing with positive and negative feedback professionally.

If you have a guest that is disappointed for any reason make sure you address their concerns immediately. If you have made a mistake apologise and do your utmost to rectify your mistake.

By acknowledging their complaint and dealing with it efficiently and effectively you are telling them their feedback is important to you and your establishment.

Paul Rowett
Paul Rowett
Chief Operations Officer at Lobster Ink