Paul Rowett
Paul Rowett in Motivation
November 18, 2015

The top 5 Advantages of Being a Sales Professional

A career in sales can be very exciting but it requires a lot of self-motivation and determination. There is no other career in the world that you have so much control in your own success. It’s not an easy job but it can be very rewarding.

In this blog, we'll be talking about the top 5 advantages of being a sales professional.

Freedom to be your best self
At the heart of any sales transaction is trust.

The Guest needs to feel like the person selling them the product is trustworthy and sincere. This means salespeople need to be themselves with Guests in order to build that trust and achieve success. This allows you to express your professional personality and demonstrate initiative with every sales opportunity.

Almost unlimited opportunity
A career in sales means that you can expect something new everyday.

Changing sales targets offer new and exciting challenges all the time, but that’s not all…

As a sales professional, you are constantly offered new opportunities to learn more about your Guests and what they need, as well as how to improve your sales skills to suit your Guest’s needs.

Unmatched job security
Simply put, if you sell and upsell consistently, and frequently contribute to your establishment's profit margins, your job security increases.

As we mentioned above, you have more control over your career as a salesperson because you are responsible for your success.

A real sense of accomplishment
Being a successful salesperson also offers you a tangible feeling of accomplishment.

Creating rapport with your Guests and developing a relationship that ensures they trust your recommendations can be very rewarding. Your success is also very easily measured; the more you sell the more accomplished you become.

It's fun
Last but not least, a career in sales can be a lot of fun!

The opportunity to constantly improve and the competitiveness of a sales career means you will never be bored. Whether you are chasing sales targets set by your manager, or you have challenged yourself to reach certain targets, achieving them is incredibly satisfying.

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Paul Rowett
Paul Rowett
Chief Operations Officer at Lobster Ink