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December 23, 2015

Time Management

At Lobster we understand how difficult it can be to work and keep up a good study schedule. This is why this week’s blog is all about time management.

We spent some time doing our research and we have come up with 4 solid techniques you can use to help you manage your time better and make you more efficient.

Technique # 1. Make and use lists
There are so many things each of us needs to do in a day and it’s easy to forget and run out of time.

By making use of lists it becomes an easy and convenient way to track your progress and cross items off your list when you have completed the task.

Technique # 2. Block your time
This technique continues on from the 1st technique. Most people only schedule their meetings, shifts and other appointments but they don’t schedule their study time. Treat your learning time like an appointment. Allocate time everyday to complete your tasks and stick to that schedule. This will help you make learning a part of your regular schedule and not something you have to just try ‘fit in’.

Technique # 3: Filing
Yes we know, filing is boring - but you probably have no idea how much time it saves in the long run.

By taking time to file and properly label any notes you have made while learning, as well as the manuals you have downloaded will make it a lot easier to find important information when you need it.

Technique # 4: Use all the time you have
Often we find ourselves on train rides home, stuck in traffic or waiting in a reception room for an appointment. Use this ‘free’ time or ‘down’ time to do a Lobster lesson or two. Use your tablet or mobile phone to catch up on a lesson you’ve been meaning to do or review the course manual you’ve downloaded.

Using this time that everybody else tends to waste can give you an edge. For most people, these minutes don’t matter. But they can.

So when you say to yourself “it’s only 10 minutes,” remember that’s enough time to complete two whole lessons at least!

Using these four techniques will make managing your time a breeze!

Harry Haddon
Harry Haddon
VP of Global Learning at Lobster Ink