Gerard du Plessis
Gerard du Plessis in Lobster News
May 19, 2017

Where will learning lead you?

Willpower and learning in combination is a powerful force. We are excited to finally start publishing a collection of inspiring stories, curated from learners across the globe. We start by meeting some learners from Africa. Helen, Agnes, Clifford and The Woza Coffee School have been inspiring us for years and we’re honored to be able to share their journey with our community.

Over the course of the coming months we will delve deeper into each personality, tease out insights and better understand their motivation.

Our purpose is to enable potential in others, through learning. These incredible people are living examples of just what a catalyst learning can be. We invite you along their journeys to share in their passion and inspiration.

Gerard du Plessis
Gerard du Plessis
Global Head of Marketing