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Tim Nel in Lobster News
September 09, 2015

Your Friendly Learner Portal

Lobster Ink is always on the lookout for ways to improve your learning experience. Today’s blog post will take a quick look at these recent upgrades, and how they will benefit you.

Video and Assessment buttons
Not sure which video or assessment you viewed or completed when you logged out the day before? Well, the redesign of your Learner Portal provides you with a more focused learning experience through a layout with dedicated documents, video, and assessment navigation buttons - all displayed on your Learner portal. This allows you to easily navigate through your course content and effortlessly and easily pick up where you left off.

We’ve not only made learning easier for you, but we’ve also made it easier for your Managers to facilitate your training…

Edit Hotel Structure and Inclusion of Outlets in Reporting:
Your manager now has the ability to edit your hotel’s structure by adding outlets and departments, changing outlet names, as well as assigning administrators to these outlets or departments. Not to mention reports can also be downloaded at both outlet and department level, making it easier for your Manager to track your progress through providing more refined reports on your hotel’s activity.

Assigning Admin Rights:
Have you moved up the ranks? You’d be glad to know that your Manager is now able to assign admin rights to you - there is no need to request our Support Team to grant you this access.

Assigning Courses:
Does a specific course that was not initially assigned to your profile now peak your interest? You can simply ask your Manager or Lobster Lead to assign the course to your profile too.

Have a look at the official announcement we sent out:


Tim Nel
Tim Nel
Chief Product Officer at Lobster Ink