Lobster of the Month

What is Lobster of the Month?

Every month Lobster Ink awards the coveted title of Lobster of the Month to the top performing Lobster worldwide. To be Lobster of the Month you will need to complete the most subjects and have the highest average score across all the assessments you have taken in that month. This takes a lot of dedication and determination, but we believe in you!


This Month's Lobster of the Month

Devendra Lama

Jumeirah at Etihad Towers Abu Dhabi
227 subjects

Congratulations to Devendra Lama

Lobster of the Month June 2017

Devendra Lama from Jumeirah at Etihad Towers is our Lobster of the Month for June. Devendra completed 227 subjects with an average score of 98.14%. Well done!

Live Leaderboard

  • 227 subjects
    Devendra Lama
    Abu Dhabi
  • 167 subjects
    Julia Hlaing
    Abu Dhabi
  • 163 subjects
    Alex Yu
  • 150 subjects
    Kumar Raunak
    Abu Dhabi

Hall of Fame

A hearty round of a-claws to all our previous winners


  • How do I take an assessment?

    If you want to move on to the next assessment for your current course, click on ‘Continue Course’

  • How do I check my progress?

    Click on the ‘Progress’ link on the navigation bar. The navigation bar is displayed on the left-hand side of your user profile. You will also be able to view your progress on the theory and practical assessments of your current course.

  • How do I review an assessment?

    Once you’ve written an assessment and have submitted your answers, a results box will appear. Select the ‘Review Assessment’ button to see your answers. After you’ve clicked on ‘Review Assessment’, you will be able to see which questions you got right and which ones you got wrong. When you select a question number you will be taken directly to your answer.

  • What is the criteria for winning Lobster of the Month?

    It’s simple. The learner who completes the most subjects with the highest average score earns the title of Lobster of the Month.

  • How can I be Lobster of the Month?

    Prioritise learning. Our always-on learning platform allows you to learn anywhere, anytime. So the next time you have 5 minutes to spare, why not watch a lesson or two? Or suggest a training schedule to your manager - this will also help you to achieve your learning goals.