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Samantha Wolhuter
Samantha Wolhuter in Industry News
October 07, 2016

7 Revenue Management tactics to increase overall ROI

While dedicating the last decade to examining, understanding and refining how revenue managers plan and execute their pricing strategy, the industry can learn some great strategies that are sure to assist revenue managers in achieving their desired results. Follow these simple rules and you too can transform your revenue results.…
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Dale den Dulk
Dale den Dulk in Industry News
October 06, 2016

Ways to generate revenue from your hotel’s free Wi-Fi

Over the last few years, all hotels and resorts have been faced with the same technology/customer service issue: how to address the urgent need to improve their Wi-Fi infrastructure so their guests can enjoy their favourite series on Netflix or upload and download photos or videos without waiting an age for the task to be completed.…
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