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Software Development

At Lobster Ink

Ingenious and at times elusive, our engineers work behind the scenes at Lobster Ink to invent, design, build and maintain our rapidly expanding platform. If you like to work your right brain as much as your left, this could be the spot for you.


At Lobster Ink

The Lobster Ink Production department take the stories our Learning team writes and makes them a reality. Lovers of frame rates, aspect ratios, codecs and wrappers welcome. A bunch of perfectionists who always get the shot, our production team have an eye for beauty and a love to travel.

Sales & Operations

At Lobster Ink

Are you up for becoming a world-travelling sales (wo)man? Or an operative that can travel into a deeply remote luxury lodge to make sure everything is in working order? Our team has crossed crocodile infested rivers, arid deserts, and bustling city centres to sell sell sell. Are you up for it?

Customer Support

At Lobster Ink

Our Customer Support department love helping, interacting with, and motivating others. They solve our learners’ problems, communicate with clients, and are the happy, cheery and helpful face of Let’s Sell Lobster to all of our clients.

People Development

At Lobster Ink

People Development looks after our people, it’s as simple as that. From recruitment and selection, to training and talent development, we believe that we not only employ the best, but we give the best back to our people. We spend a lot of time ensuring that every ‘Lobster’ is equipped to carry out their responsibilities effectively and efficiently, and to have fun along the way.


At Lobster Ink

We don’t have poets or novelists on staff, we have Course Architects. Our Learning department is filled with story-telling, punctuation-chasing, creative humans who take concepts, standards and skills and turn them into engaging, visual narratives.


At Lobster Ink

Our Finance department are no bunch of boring, suited, number crunchers. They speak the language of line items, they read the stories of spread sheets, and know the narrative of numbers and alliteration.


At Lobster Ink

We work in English, but the rest of the world doesn’t. Our crack team of linguistic managers ensure that our content is translated into whatever language our clients need, faster than a eccesso di velocità proiettile, with Deutsch Effizienz, and with cien por ciento de precisión.


At Lobster Ink

We’re always open to hearing from graduates and talented humans who maybe don’t have quite enough experience behind their names to apply for one our vacancies. If you like what you see here and want to get your foot in the door at Lobster Ink, then send us an email and we’ll see where you could fit in.


At Lobster Ink

Curious by nature, bold by choice. These characteristics are behind the gusto and verve of the Lobster Ink marketing department. Here, we’re all about getting the word out, stat. Whether we’re communicating with our students, our clients or future clients, we aim to inspire our audience with engaging, relevant content across all platforms. So if Indesign is your thing, pay-off lines make your heart beat fast or if you're a CRO, PPC, SEO, ROI, digi-geek, you’ve come to the right place.


At Lobster Ink

Who we are

Here at Lobster Ink we write, we eat, we code, we film, we travel. In short - we create the best video training courses for the hospitality industry. These courses empower, inform and inspire those who learn through us.

Working at Lobster Ink is about changing our clients' lives. From barmen in Burundi to housekeepers in Hong-Kong, hospitality staff the world over watch our videos to help them offer better service to guests and fast-forward their careers.

Let's Talk Values

We inspire learners to make a difference in their jobs. Producing relevant and engaging content is our job, because education is about passion as much as it’s about knowledge. We’re insatiably curious people with sharp minds. Being inventive means there’s always room for improvement, and always a box to think outside of.

We don’t waste learners’ time, so we deliver quality content that is simple, efficient and clear. We are human: we care, empathise and have a sense of humour. We’re people teaching people, and that’s why our work matters to us.

Grow your Career

We are expanding fast, and therefore looking for more humans to write, film, edit, count beans, create and laugh. There’s a path for you here, even if you have to carve it out yourself. 

Nothing here feels like you, but you still want to change learners’ lives? No worries. Let us know how you can make the team better and we’ll go from there. Lobster Ink is always open to hearing about how creative, innovative humans can help us teach more effectively.

Being a Lobster has its perks


Our coffee is anything but instant and we'll teach you how to make it

Skills Dev

Constant opportunities to improve your own skills

Work Environment

A work environment where people appreciate a good high-five


World travel opportunities

Working Hours

Flexible working hours

Friday Wine Down

Feel free to 'Wine Down' on a Friday

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