Non-alcoholic Cocktails

Learn how to make non-alcoholic cocktails that will make the ultimate teetotaler a regular at the bar with Lobster Ink's Non-alcoholic Cocktails course.

12 lesson(s) 1 theory assessment(s)

About this course

A must for any bar professional seeking to diversify their skill set, the Non-Alcoholic Cocktails Course is particularly essential for professional bartenders working in regions where alcohol is prohibited. Sure, these non-alcoholic cocktail recipes don’t have any silly sauce, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t packed with fun and flavour! Learn how to create classic non-alcoholic cocktails like the Shirley Temple, Philosopher’s Tonic, Mediterranean and the various Lime Cordial cocktails.

What you will learn in this course

  • How to prepare The Shirley Temple
  • How to prepare The Citrus Blast
  • How to prepare The Orchard
  • How to prepare Lime Cordial cocktails

In partnership with

  • Andrew Nicolls

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