Security in the Guest Room

Equip yourself with the vital tools and skills needed to ensure in-room safety of Guests themselves, as well as their personal belongings.

9 lesson(s) 1 theory assessment(s)

About this course

Security awareness is the responsibility of all staff. It means identifying and managing risks, and preventing or removing threats so that the establishment is safe. This course, created by Lobster Ink and Healdan, gives you vital information to make confident, informed decisions if you’re ever faced with a security situation in a Guest room. You’ll be able to secure rooms correctly, ensure Guest’s belongings are always safe, and learn how to handle in-room theft and assault situations.

What you will learn in this course

  • List the different types of theft
  • How to secure Guests’ personal effects in their room
  • How to secure a Guest’s room
  • Understanding and preventing in-room assaults
  • Rules of interaction to prevent assaults

In partnership with

  • Healdan

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