Join our fight against food waste in the hospitality industry.

Every year, 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted and billions of dollars lost due to the mismanagement of food. And with the stark reality that global demand for food will increase while natural resources remain scarce, we need to approach food differently. Are you in?

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Don’t let this opportunity for change go to waste. Learn today.

Fighting Food Waste in Hotels is a five lesson short course created in collaboration with World Wildlife Fund and AHLA. The course will enable you or your team to reduce and prevent food waste at your establishment with a detailed understanding of food waste management. Be informed, be proactive and learn how to reduce food waste by signing up to this free course today.

“One third of the planet’s surface is used to produce food. By 2050, the demand will double.”

“Discarded food is the biggest single component of US landfill and incinerators.”

Minimize your establishment’s contribution to the food waste pandemic.

The Fighting Food Waste in Hotels course will equip you and your team with outcomes-based knowledge to fight the battle against food waste. Here’s what you can expect.

Introducing the food waste task force

How to best prevent food waste? Create a food waste task force, and ensure that food waste prevention is supported by everyone at your establishment. This lesson also introduces the task force’s roles and responsibilities.

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Preventing pre-service waste

Learn about the six stages where food waste occurs during pre-service, and the actions you and your team can take to prevent food waste during each stage.

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Managing post-service waste

This lesson will guide you through the stages where food waste occurs during post-service, and how to positively affect the reduction of food waste. You’ll also learn more about the misconceptions of food rescue.

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“1.3 billion tons of food is wasted annually.”

“A smooth and functional supply chain that brings food from farms to our tables is necessary to feed the world. Yet, right now, we lose and waste food at every link in this chain.”

“Hotels in the UK waste £318 million worth of food every year.”