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An interactive learning platform for today’s workforce

More engaging, more customizable and more powerful than ever. We’ve created role-specific training with Learning Paths and refined our measurement and reporting to be more detailed and intuitive. All the while maintaining the easy-to-use interface and comprehensive course library loved by learners and managers worldwide.

Welcome to a new era of learning and development within Hilton, where training is more engaging, managers are more in control and delivering extraordinary Guest experiences is our common purpose.

Already using Lobster Ink?

Hilton properties who are already signed up will be upgraded to the new platform on 20 August 2018. An implementation specialist will be assigned to your property to ensure a swift and simple transition. To assist you in preparing and motivating your teams, we’ve created a complimentary Hilton Property Pack with essential upgrade information that you can share during meetings.


Not yet on Lobster Ink?

Hilton properties who have not yet signed up to Lobster Ink will be invited to sign up in August. This will present an opportunity to experience a complimentary trial of the Hilton Workspace in September and October. Keep reading to discover what a Lobster Ink subscription can mean for your establishment.

Experience fit-for-purpose training with Learning Paths

Learning Paths are comprised of individual courses, expertly-curated to deliver on specific learning objectives. Eighteen Learning Paths have been created specifically for Hilton Team Members with customized content that delivers on unique training requirements of various Food and Beverage teams.


Celebrating extraordinary achievement

Recognizing hard work and dedication is a key to inspiring further learning. That’s why we’ve introduced The Hilton Extraordinary Achievers Program to celebrate quarterly top performers. Relevant incentives that encourage further learning will be awarded to learners who show the most amount of progress (number of courses completed) combined with the highest performance (pass rate).

Your Hilton course portfolio, powered by Lobster Ink.


Hilton Stewarding Essentials

Hilton Stewarding Essentials provides team members with a detailed understanding of the restaurant setup. Teams will also learn how to confidently deal with complaints and prevent food waste.

64 lessons

Hilton Banqueting Essentials

Enable your service teams to create successful events, time and time again. Hilton Banqueting Essentials trains teams on a variety of service elements and how to communicate well with Guests and team members. Also available as a dry version.

92 lessons

Hilton Mastering Mise en Place

From understanding the roles and responsibilities during service to knowing how to set up the restaurant professionally, Hilton Mastering Mise en Place prepares teams to be 100% ready for service.

69 lessons

Hilton Hosting Fundamentals

Hilton Hosting Fundamentals focuses on every aspect involved in hosting, providing team members with a detailed understanding of the service elements that contribute to the dining experience. Also available as a dry version.

101 lessons

Hilton Restaurant Service Fundamentals

Hilton Restaurant Service Fundamentals builds on your service teams' knowledge and takes a detailed look at restaurant service, incl. steps of service and how to professionally serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Also available as a dry version.

87 lessons

Hilton F&B Service Professional

Train your service teams on managing complaints and difficult Guests in a professional manner with Hilton F&B Service Professional. This learning path also provides insight into the art of upselling for greater ROI. Also available as a dry version.

23 lessons

Hilton Coffee Professional

Take your service team's coffee knowledge from basic to pro with Hilton Coffee Professional. Teams will learn about the world's coffee producing regions, master coffee equipment and learn how to create latte art.

57 lessons

Hilton Wine Foundations

Hilton Wine Foundations trains service teams on the styles of wine and food and grape varieties, providing your team with the knowledge needed to make recommendations with confidence.

32 lessons

Hilton Bar Basics

Hilton Bar Basics focuses on bartending essentials, bar hygiene, equipment, taking stock, the station setup and communication basics, enabling your team to serve Guests with consistency and confidence. Also available as a dry version.

72 lessons

Hilton Bar Proficient

Bolster your team's service skills with Hilton Bar Proficient - a more in-depth and comprehensive approach to bar service, incl. a focus on drinks service and ways to work smartly behind the bar. Also available as a dry version.

81 lessons

Hilton Whisky & Wine Essentials

Narrowing the bartender's focus down to the complexities of whisky and wine, Hilton Whisky & Wine Essentials equips service professionals with the knowledge to make recommendations to Guests.

38 lessons

Hilton Fundamentals of F&B Leadership

Hilton Fundamentals of F&B Leadership teaches an insightful approach to the management of teams, time and resources. It also trains senior team members on the skills needed to increase sales.

41 lessons
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Designed with the demands of the industry in mind

Lobster Ink caters for on-the-job training. Short bursts of learning can be done on any device and won’t interrupt a busy schedule. We work with globally-accredited partners and prominent educational institutions to ensure our content is internationally relevant, industry-aligned and lesson outcomes can be applied immediately.