Operational excellence through performance-driven learning

Our proven learning methodology has delivered standout returns for the leaders of hospitality.

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One end-to-end training solution for multinational teams.

With content and technology working hand-in-glove, Lobster Ink represents a new approach to building operational capability. Deliver job-specific training, tailored to your requirements, through an interactive learning platform that’s built for distributed workforces.

Find out how our next-generation learning solutions can deliver on your organization’s requirements.

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An enterprise-class platform, built for hospitality

We believe that every dollar spent on learning and development must be judged by its data-proven ability to deliver meaningful ROI.

Deploy learning across your organization, at speed

Implementing and managing learning on Lobster Ink is simple. Your customized Workspace enables you to assign courses, monitor progress and deploy training quickly. The result is a learning environment where content is customized, engagement is measured and learning outcomes can be applied immediately.


Job-specific learning tailored to your requirements.

Whether it’s entrenching your brand values, understanding the intricacies of loyalty programs or upskilling teams on new operating systems - our expert learning consultants will help you develop courses and produce interactive content, tailored to your needs and budgets.

Bolster your training with over 250 industry-aligned courses, proven to deliver.

From a culinary program developed with the CIA to Information Security developed with PwC, our Hallmark library spans 12 categories in multiple languages - providing operational training for every departmental requirement.

Self-service functionality. Greater capability.

Our goal is to make learning a daily part of work, rather than apart from it. That’s why we’ve developed native lesson formats, and the ability to serve these lessons to learners based on their job role or task at hand.

Deliver training by job-function with Learning Paths

Learning Paths enable you to curate courses into a particular sequence relevant to job function. Smart Assignments then allow you to assign the most appropriate content to each job function across the organization.

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Active participation through Interactive Lessons

Not all learning outcomes are equal. That’s why we’ve developed Interactive Lessons. These are native lesson formats that challenge learners to apply what they’ve learned and provide immediate feedback.

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Action-oriented reporting and analytics

In addition to customized downloadable reports, the Lobster Ink platform provides event-driven analytics categorized against three main objectives - engagement, progress and performance.

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One end-to-end hospitality training solution for global teams. Get in touch.

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