Spotlight on Coffee

Most Guests start their days off with a good cup of coffee and our selection of courses will ensure that your learners brew the perfect cup every time.

Everything you need to know

With over 1.4 billion cups of coffee poured every single day, it is one of the world’s most popular beverages. While just about anyone can make a cup of instant, purists know that there is an art to brewing an ideal cup.

How It Works
Kate Groch
"Lobster Ink’s method of instruction is easy for our learners to use. The fact that people can work to their own speed is a huge advantage."
Kate Groch, CEO - Good Work Foundation

What will I learn?

Ensure your Guests are treated to the best coffee, professionally made by your team. These courses will ensure your baristas in training understand the essential knowledge and skills required for a thorough understanding of coffee; spanning its history and origins through to taking and preparing coffee orders, including all Nespresso products.

Why It Works
M. Semer
"Lobster Ink represents a powerful shift in the way that we are able to communicate and integrate our values."
M. Semer, CEO Kempinski

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Coffee Professional

Coffee Professional

Lobster Ink's online coffee training course will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to master becoming a pro barista.