Spotlight on Return on Investment

Our collection of Return on Investment courses have been designed to teach your learners how to maximise profit across key areas.

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The sole purpose of your establishment, as with any business, is to generate as much income as possible. The key is to focus on those departments which offer the greatest return on investment and then find ways to maximise your return without impacting on the levels of service enjoyed by your Guests.

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H. Mabuwa
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H. Mabuwa, Wilderness Safaris

What will I learn?

Our Return on Investment courses focus on key areas where your team members will find the greatest potential to increase profit levels. Learners will be taught how to upsell Guests with tact and subtlety in your restaurant and bar, how to effectively manage costs in the kitchen and bar and how to ensure that your front office is as lucrative as possible.

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Revenue Management Foundations

Revenue Management Foundations

Hospitality revenue management is an ever-growing discipline. Grow your career with this revenue management course and stay competitive in your field.