Spotlight on Spa Management

Sign your learners up for our Spa Management courses where they will learn how to provide a stress-free experience for your Guests.

Everything you need to know

Few experiences will have your Guests feeling more relaxed than a session at the Spa. But there is a lot of hard work and specialised know-how that goes on behind the scenes to ensure that every Guest enjoys an idyllic and luxurious experience.

How It Works
R. Sharma
"One achieves success through hard work coupled with motivation."
R. Sharma, Hospitality Professional, MEA

What will I learn?

Our Spa Management courses have been designed so that every aspect of the Wellness Experience has been covered and your team will be more than capable of creating an atmosphere that allows your Guests to relax and unwind. Learners will cover vital aspects including: booking, inventory and consumption, guest services, how to prepare and maintain a treatment room and the duties and responsibilities of a spa manager.

Why It Works
S. Aryal
“It seems like the lessons are programmed for making one confident and more intelligent in each related department.”
S. Aryal, Jumeirah - Etihad Towers