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Whisky is perhaps the most complex of spirits. Help your team to sell it as true professionals with our Whisky courses.

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It is said that no two whiskies are identical with each maker having their own style, secret ingredients and processes that make their product unique. Accordingly, every enthusiast has their own preference, often dependent on taste and whether it’s a blend or not. Help your team members assist Guests in selecting their ideal whisky at your establishment.

How It Works
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What will I learn?

Upon completing our selection of courses on Whisky, your learners will be familiar with the philosophy behind whisky production, the different techniques and ingredients used, the key differences between single malt and blends and what makes bourbon so different. Their understanding of the spirit will surely enhance the reputation of your establishment and attract the true connoisseurs.

Why It Works
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Whisky Short Course

Whisky Short Course

The Whisky Short Course serves as a brief introduction to the World Masterclass of Whisky course and will give Learners a broad overview of one of the world’s most complex spirits.

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