Not all waters are created equal

The Nestlé Waters portfolio has a premium brand for every occasion and establishment. But, selling and serving water well requires an in-depth understanding of both service and the intrinsics of these great brands.

Driving revenue through brand education

A new wave of consumer awareness and appetite for premium water has created an excellent opportunity for businesses to enhance the dining experience and drive higher check averages and profitability at the same time. That’s why Nestlé Waters, in collaboration with Lobster Ink has created a unique premium water education curriculum that provides easy-to-implement training and product knowledge at all levels.

In addition to brand education, the Steps of Service course explains international service standards, enabling learners to enhance the guest experience and drive revenue concurrently.

Watch the first water lesson here to discover how your team can apply these skills on the next shift.


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Learning about the importance of water during service

The inclusion of Lobster Ink’s new Hallmark course, Steps of Service, means this Learning Path educates learners not only on the unique value proposition of each brand, but the best ways to serve it too.

S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna

This course explains why all waters are not created equal and describes each brand’s unique story so that you and your team can serve these premium brands with confidence.

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From the perfect serve, to the brand’s water source and the right pairing suggestions, this course adds expert brand knowledge to your team’s water service repertoire.

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Steps of Service

There are 12 steps of service that, if applied correctly, will change the way people remember your business. This course unpacks the skills, processes and knowledge to provide exceptional service.

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What you’ll love about Lobster Ink

“Business, like life, is all about how you make people feel. It’s that simple and it’s that hard.”
“Lobster Ink has had a significant impact on increasing F&B knowledge, which helped to improve associates’ confidence and assure them in their skill sets.”

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