Plans and Prices

With Lobster Ink there is a return on investment for every minute spent on learning.

Tailored pricing to fit your specific Enterprise learning requirement, securely presented on your own dedicated workspace.

Our Enterprise pricing model is comprised of a one-off implementation fee, together with an annual subscription. Three primary variables determine the price of the annual subscription as illustrated below:

User access fee

A fee per user provides access to the Lobster Ink platform, with a sliding scale of price, across multiple user bands, to ensure economies of scale.

Content subscription

Tailored to your content requirement, we will develop a subscription plan that provides access to our comprehensive content library or assign courses from an existing ‘à la Carte’ list.

Custom content (optional)

Our learning specialists also design and produce custom content to meet your specific learning objectives. The fee is based on a standardised rate card with associated hosting costs.
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