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Return to operating strongly and safely

Introducing the Essential Rebound Training Program. Select courses for lodging, QSR, food retail and full-service restaurants to accelerate the return to safe and profitable operations as we emerge from COVID-19 related restrictions.

Essential skills, at no charge until August 7th

The impact of COVID-19 has forced operators around the world to adapt faster than ever, and ensuring associates are thoroughly prepared for reopening is critical. The Essential Rebound Training Program was created to retrain returning teams and fast-track onboarding with only 5 minutes of learning a day. Refresh and recalibrate frontline teams with the skills they need to welcome guests again.

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Training highlights

COVID-19 training content

Recap on food safety, disinfection, and sanitization

Upselling training for frontline associates

Select courses on the topics that matter most

Quickly assign, assess, and report on training

Courses for lodging, QSR, food retail and full-service restaurants.

Training materials combine health and safety topics such as COVID-19, hand hygiene, sanitizing and disinfecting, with core food safety lessons like recapping on temperature control and preventing cross-contamination. For hotels and full-service restaurants, there are also revenue-generating skills like bar or restaurant upselling and even lessons on motivational strategies for managers.

Rebound Essentials

Refresher on proper handwashing procedure, employee illness policy and essential COVID-19 training.

Food Handler Essentials

Explains the basics of cleaning and disinfecting non-food contact surfaces, preventing cross-contamination and proper temperature control.

Food Service Manager Essentials

Oversee your team’s adherence to handwashing, disinfecting, temperature control, and more.

MIT: Guest Service vs Guest Engagement

Guides managers-in-training how to positively impact guest engagement to ensure customers become returning guests.

MIT: The Coach

Unpacks motivational theories and different ways in which managers-in-training can motivate their associates.

Bar Upselling

Shares the requirements and techniques needed to become skilled in the art of upselling.

Restaurant Upselling

Focuses on different sales techniques, understanding differing guest needs, and how to prepare an effective sales pitch.

Front Office Upselling

Learn how to provide guests with an even better experience, while increasing revenue for your establishment.

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