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Contextualize Your Assignments to Drive Behavior Change

July 08, 2021

Contextualize Your Assignments to Drive Behavior Change

Assigning training that’s contextually relevant to 
an associate's role is smart. That’s why we call it Smart Assignments.

We are excited to share further enhancements to the Smart Assignments functionality. This update delivers improved UX but also introduces a goal-oriented philosophy tdrive learner engagement.   

What's new?

The new functionality allows you to clearly communicate the purpose of the assignment, as well as the desired learning objectives. It reduces the complexity of creating assignments and helps managers promote and monitor completions.

This will introduce a new user interface and functionality for managers and learners, which include: 


  • The ability to add assignment types and objectives so that your learners understand why they need to complete the training assigned to them. 
  • Sequencing of content in an assignment so that the training can be completed in a specific order.
  • Multiple deadline options to manage training priorities and completion. 


  • Why am I receiving this assignment? The assigned content includes an assignment type as well as a goal and/or objective. By providing additional information and context, the purpose or reason behind the assigned training is clear to the learner. 
  • Where did this assignment come from? Learners can now easily see who created the assignment allocated to them. 
  • What do I need to prioritize? Training is automatically ordered by upcoming deadlines. 


Try it out! The all-new Smart Assignments is now available on your Workspace.   

New Assignments overview page: