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Forbes Travel Guide - Translations Update

In categories Enhancement July 09, 2019

Forbes Travel Guide - Translations Update

The full Forbes Travel Guide Online Luxury Service Training program (all courses) is now available in Latin American Spanish (LASP). 

Please use the following instructions and share with your learners to access the program in Latin American Spanish:

1) On the Lobster Ink workspace, click on the language selector at the top right corner of the screen. By default, this is set to English (EN).

2) In the dropdown, select ‘LASP - Español Latino’ to translate the entire user interface to Spanish, as well as all Forbes Travel Guide course content. (Note: If you choose an option other than LASP or EN, the interface itself will be translated but Forbes Travel Guide course content will not.)

3) While a lesson is playing, you can also click to view subtitles in LASP, at the bottom of the video screen.