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Introducing exciting new updates to Reporting

In categories Feature March 09, 2020

Introducing exciting new updates to Reporting


Effective learning management means actively monitoring training initiatives across every layer of your organization. Because different stakeholders can have very different data requirements, we have redesigned our reporting framework to allow managers at every level to access the data they need, when they need it. 


The new reporting framework is divided into these categories:

  • Platform Adoption to track platform sign-ups by new users 
  • Assignment Progress to track progress & performance of learning programs
  • Learning Activity to understand how much and how frequently training is consumed
  • Assessment Performance to view how learners are performing on assessments and gauge proficiency

PLEASE NOTE: The framework currently applies to the ASSESSMENT PERFORMANCE category only with the remaining categories scheduled for release in due course. Your existing reports can be found by selecting a category from the reporting menu.


Level 1 - Reporting Overview 

The above categories are displayed on the Reporting Overview page as Summaries with data visualization(s) and charts to provide an immediate snapshot of key metrics. Selecting a Summary takes you to the Category Page where you can access category data and uncover key insights.


Level 2 - Category Page

The Category Page allows you to adjust your perspective within your selected category and view only the data that is relevant to your needs. The page consists of three main parts:

1. Global filter 

  • Managers can use the Learner Group filter to set the hierarchy position from where to see data.
  • The tables will show the data of one hierarchy level below the selected Learner Group level. For example, if Europe is selected as a filter than the countries within Europe will show in the table.
  • You’ve also got the ability to reset your filter back to the original position in the hierarchy.

2. Refinement tables

  • In the filter section, the manager has the ability to select a specific dataset. Upon selection, all charts will automatically update to reflect your selection. 

3. Visualizations & Charts

  • Charts show important trends, averages, and changes pertaining to the subject.
  • Each table & chart have reports related to it that can be generated by navigating to the report from the chart (EXPLORE button). For example, the medals chart will take you to the medals report, and the applied filter is carried over to the report.


Level 3 - Detailed Reports

There are two types of Reports: Learner reports, and Aggregated reports.

Learner reports provide metrics per learner. Aggregated reports collect data from all the learners in for example a Learner Group, or all users with a certain User Tag, or all learners that are taking a certain course.

As part of each category, multiple reports have been defined and curated to provide data corresponding to the report's subject. For example, under the Assessment Performance category, the Medals report presents achieved medals data per learner, while the Assessments report presents metrics for Pass Rates and Assessment Scores.

Aggregated Reports will also become available in the coming period. For example, there is a Performance Report for Learner Groups, that presents aggregated and average metrics for all learners in the Learner Groups to be able to compare regions, properties, departments, etc.


Have a question?

For more information on the new reporting framework or assistance in generating reports, please contact our Support Team