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The World Masterclass of Whisky

Thank you for your interest in The World Masterclass of Whisky, powered by Lobster Ink. Unfortunately, the course is no longer available to individual consumers.

In the meantime, take a look at our Bar and Beverage course portfolio, featuring 56 courses and 11 role-specific Learning Paths that cover everything from bar basics to professional service standards and product knowledge.

If you believe Lobster Ink will benefit the organization you work for, or if you require more information on our Whisky Professional Learning Path, please connect with us below.


Introducing Whisky Professional

44 lessons, 6 courses, one purpose-built Learning Path.

Introduction to Whisky

Whisky expert, Dave Broom, distills barrels of knowledge and provides professional insight into the rich world of whisky in this introductory course.

Lessons: 8

Scotch Whisky

What are the differences in flavor, distillation and production techniques that make Scottish whisky so unique, bold and easily identifiable?

Lessons: 11

Whisky Distillation

Perhaps the most important element of the whisky making process, the distillation of whisky, is as nuanced and complex as the spirit itself. It requires a deep understanding to speak with authority on the matter.

Lessons: 11

Irish Whiskey and Japanese Whisky

Find out all there is to know about the flavors, production techniques and distillation processes of Irish and Japanese whisky in this detailed course, presented by whisky professional, Dave Broom.

Lessons: 5

Bourbon and Grain Whisky

The bourbon making process has a rich and detailed history, which speaks of the history of America and the pioneering spirit of its people.

Lessons: 5

Whisky Blending and Flavour

Whisky is a complex spirit with an extensive range of contrasting styles and blends. It has traveled the world and can be made in a variety of ways, with different techniques and different ingredients.

Lessons: 4