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Nothing beats the first bite of the perfect, crispy, buttery croissant. Customers expect the same mouth-watering experience every time they buy a baked good, but with such complex formulas and challenging techniques, it can be difficult to meet this high standard.


This first release of Baking & Pastry offers a fresh approach to the rich tradition of baking, teaching bakers tried and true methods with exciting and interactive content. 

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Steeped in tradition. Tailored for the modern palate.

Quickly onboard and upskill

Get new associates up to speed and ensure they are familiar with the fundamental knowledge and techniques of the bakeshop.

Meet today’s consumer demand

Prepare associates to bake with guidance on allergens, dairy alternatives, gluten-free options and sweeteners.

Gain and retain top talent

Support associates’ development with globally recognized certificates.


A sample from Baking & Pastry

4 Learning Paths | 17 Courses

From the basic theory and tools to the advanced techniques and finishing methods, give your team the foundation they need to master their craft all available 24/7, on any device.


Bakeshop Equipment, Ingredients and Measure

Baking is a science and an art. To get started, your team needs a thorough understanding of the fundamental principles of baking. This learning path will give associates that fundamental understanding of Bakeshop basics, so that your associates can start building their baking careers.

Lessons: 22

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Mixing Methods

Cream. Blend. Cook. Cut. These are the basic mixing methods that result in tender, delicious products in the Bakeshop. Basic, but not always simple. Each method has tips and tricks you need to know to get it just right. Baking and Pastry 1: Basic Mixing Methods offers the fundamentals behind these foundational mixing methods, so you can take the next step on your baking and pastry journey.

Lessons: 24

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Doughs – Yeast Based and Laminated

What’s better than a flaky, tender croissant, or a crunchy, pillowy pain au levain? Knowing exactly how to get that effect every single time. With the Baking and Pastry 1: Dough learning path, you’ll learn everything you need to grasp the fundamentals of yeast doughs and laminated doughs. Learn how to prepare, proof, bake and serve the fundamental Bakeshop products in three foundational courses.

Lessons: 18

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Mousses, Meringues and Finishing Methods

Top your Baking and Pastry knowledge with the sweet stuff. The Baking and Pastry 1: Mousses, Meringues, Frozen Desserts and Finishing Techniques learning path is a comprehensive module on classic desserts. Learn how to prepare and perfect macarons, sorbets, mousses, foams and sherbets. Understand the fundamental sciences behind these delicious desserts and how to plate them with aplomb. Five courses set the groundwork for excellence.

Lessons: 17

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Discover the complete digital culinary apprenticeship

Created in collaboration with the world's premier culinary college, Baking & Pastry forms part of Lobster Ink’s full culinary digital training solution. Find out more about the other digital training programs available in this category, ProChef® 1 and Plant-Forward Kitchen.