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Meet the growing demand for plant-based cuisine

Flavor, creativity, convenience, health, and variety. Today’s consumers are increasingly conscious of the food choices they make, from health reasons to environmental factors. Considering that animal protein was the star of the dish in traditional training, many chefs and culinary teams are challenged to design and deliver sustainable and flavorsome plant-based offerings, at scale. Until now, a lack of plant-based cooking training only further exacerbated this challenge.

Plant-forward Kitchen, created in collaboration with the world's premier culinary college, The Culinary Institute of America (CIA), will prepare cooks and chefs for the seismic—and indefinite—shift towards plant-forward, sustainable cooking.

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Plant-Forward Kitchen forms part of the ProChef® certification program, created in collaboration with the world's premier culinary college, The Culinary Institute of America (CIA).

Good for chefs. Better for the planet. Great for business.

Respond to consumer demand

Consumers are increasingly exploring new and diverse flavors. Catering to this trend represents a significant commercial opportunity.

Drive innovation and outflank competitors

Offering a range of plant-forward dishes can broaden your brand’s appeal and open new revenue streams.

Gain and retain top talent

Aspiring young chefs and cooks need experience with specific knowledge and techniques in plant-forward cooking to remain industry-relevant.

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4 Learning Paths | 19 Courses

From understanding the challenges of sustainability to the fundamentals of nutrition, food science, and cooking at scale, this program will elevate the skills and confidence of even veteran professional chefs.


Foundations for the Plant-Forward Kitchen

Become part of the plant-forward initiative with the first course in the Plant-Forward Kitchen training program. The Program Overview introduces the plant-forward kitchen and explains the value of a plant-forward menu.

Lessons: 32

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Core Culinary Techniques I

Learn how to properly start and finish sauces, soups, and stews with plant-based stocks and thickeners. Learners will also become masters at using rouxs, slurries, and alternative thickeners to finish dishes to the highest quality.

Lessons: 10

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Core Culinary Techniques II

Learners are guided on choosing the best technique for the cooking objective, and how best to apply it. Whether using moist or dry heat, sautéing, frying, roasting or steaming, learn how to cook vegetables deliciously.

Lessons: 21

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Core Culinary Techniques III

This learning path teaches learners how identify factors that influence taste and flavor. Learn about key ingredients and ratios, manage allergen control and how a flavor development strategy can be used to alter eating behavior.

Lessons: 34

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