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How do I register and get started?
You can register for the Food Safety Fundamentals Program by filling out the form. An email invitation will provide a link to access the platform for a 30-day free trial.

What is an invitation code?
A unique code that places learners in the correct learner group.

How do I create an invitation code?
Reference the how-to guide for support.

What’s the difference between the courses on the LEARN page and the EXPLORE page?
The LEARN page features all the courses that have been assigned to you. The EXPLORE features all the Food Safety Fundamentals and Essential Public Health courses. The courses on the EXPLORE page can be self-assigned after which they will appear on your LEARN page.

Where can I see my team’s course progress?
The REPORTS page provides a detailed report on the number of sign-ups, learners’ progress and performance.

Who can I contact for help?
Simply click the Support button, located bottom left. You will have the option to either search our list of frequently asked questions or reach out to a customer service representative for assistance.

Can I continue with Lobster Ink training after my 30-day free trial?
To continue access to Lobster Ink training, please contact your Ecolab or Lobster Ink representative to discuss your requirements.