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Make proper handwashing a habit throughout your operation

Every year, 700 million people get sick from eating contaminated food. Adopting proper handwashing as a frequent behavior is a simple yet significant way of reducing the risk to your customers, coworkers, and reputation.

Handwashing, the first course release of our Food Safety Fundamentals program, will enable your teams to minimize the risk of foodborne illness and the general spread of infections by explaining proper handwashing techniques and the importance thereof.

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Discover the 7 steps to proper handwashing

A simple act–repeated across teams, operations and regions–can save countless lives. Click play to discover how we make lasting behavior change as easy as watching a video.

Soon to be released: Food Safety Foundations

A strong food safety culture allows the right behaviors to be sustained over time, reducing the risk of controllable food safety outbreaks. But changing behaviors requires understanding the ‘why’ behind the ‘how’. Food Safety Foundations focuses on routine behaviors and serves as an accessible online reference tool for associates at every level. Combined with ongoing assessment, corrective actions and checklists, this training solution enables you to deliver long-term behavior change at scale.